Second Business Trip, Puerto Rico
My 2nd business trip, was to Puerto Rico (San Juan) was on April 18, 2021. Once again my journey began around 2:30am that morning and didn’t end until approximately 8pm that night. An eighteen hour day. I left JFK at 6am, arrived in Puerto Rico 9:40am. Let me tell you it’s beautiful, San Juan looks amazing, the streets, the buildings, the trees, I loved everything. The atmosphere was so nice. I have to say the prices were disappointing. The shops I visited offered no deals for the bulk buyer. I was lucky to get $2 or $3 dollars reduced from items I wanted. I’ve been informed if I want deals I must go away from there and into the country. I will definitely go to Ponce next time I go. Loved every minute of my time there, can’t wait to go back. Support Puerto Rico by subscribing to my YouTube channel caribart1804 and give me a like👍🏾 and follow Instagram @caribart1804.

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